Make Money with eBooks Online: Experiences & How it Works 2023

make money with ebooks

In this article, you’ll learn how to make money with eBooks, what to consider when writing and publishing eBooks and how much money you can make as a beginner.

The eBook market is booming, thanks in part to ever-advancing digitization in all areas – fewer and fewer physical books are being sold, and instead people are increasingly reading eBooks from their Kindle or other devices. To profit from this hype, you should try publishing an eBook yourself. However, it’s not that simple, a few things you should keep in mind to become successful with it.

Here are the answers to the most pressing questions and my experiences about publishing eBooks that can get you started right into business.

Alternatively, you can hire freelancers to write an eBook for you. This is already possible with relatively little money and saves you a lot of time.

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What are the best platforms to sell ebooks?

An important question when it comes to selling eBooks is choosing the right platform. No matter how good your eBook is, if you offer it on the wrong platform, it won’t get bought and you won’t make money with it. Here are some of the best platforms you should use to sell your eBooks:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing ebooks

Amazon KDP is one of the most popular platforms for selling eBooks. It offers a very wide reach and allows you to offer your eBooks both as a Kindle version and as a printed book (where the book is only printed once a sale is made, so you have no risk!). Many who start publishing eBooks start by selling through Amazon KDP. Registering on KDP is easy and, most importantly, free. You simply upload your eBook as a PDF, Amazon reviews it and if everything fits, it is already published on the platform. Of course, Amazon KDP also wants a piece of the pie. For each sale, Amazon keeps a portion of your royalties (about 30%), and the rest is transferred to your account via a monthly payout.

The huge market ensures that your eBook is accessible to a large audience. With the right publishing and marketing strategy, even your first release on Amazon KDP can achieve high sales figures. My experience with Amazon KDP is very good, it is my personal Number 1 platform to make money with eBooks.


Zusätzlich hast du die Möglichkeit, Affiliate Links für deine eBooks zu erstellen, die du dann im Internet streuen kannst. So können andere Personen Werbung für dein eBook machen, du verkaufst noch mehr eBooks und der Werbende erhält eine Provision – Win-Win! Hier erfährst du alles, was du zum Geld verdienen mit Affiliate Marketing wissen musst.


digistore24 publish ebooks

Digistore24 is an online sales platform where you can offer your digital products and services (whether eBooks or courses) completely free of charge. Only when you sell something fees will be charged. Therefore, a very fair model in my opinion.

Therefore, to be able to make money with eBooks, I can only recommend that you also offer your eBooks via Digistore24. Just sign up for free and upload your eBook as a PDF. That’s it! Now customers can buy and download your eBook there. And as I said, you will only be charged for using Digistore24 once you sell an eBook, before that it is completely free.

Gleichzeitig ist Digistore24 ein Affiliate-Netzwerk. Das heißt, du kannst es anderen Nutzern ermöglichen, dein eBook zu bewerben. Diese erhalten dafür bei jedem durch sie generierten Verkauf eine Provision und du verdienst mehr Geld. Hier erfährst du alles, was du zum Geld verdienen mit Affiliate Marketing wissen musst.

Apple Books

Apple Books lets you sell your eBooks through the Apple App Store. With this platform, you’re targeting Apple device users in particular, since this is an Apple-owned platform and users of other systems usually can’t access Apple Books. To sell books through Apple Books, you need your own Apple device (Mac running OS X 10.9 or later) by default. You can publish your eBooks directly to Apple Books from within Pages. Signing up for Apple Books is free of charge. So if you have an Apple device anyway and want to target a specific audience (Apple users), you should sign up for Apple Books as well.


Google Play

You can also publish eBooks and make money with eBooks through your Google Play account. After uploading, you only need to select the countries to which the book will be sold, Google will do the rest for you. You don’t pay any fees. Google only collects 30% of your royalties once a sale is made, you keep the other 70%.

VG Wort

You can also earn money with eBooks via VG Wort. But for that, your eBook must be freely available and on the web in PDF or ePub format. eBooks with copy protection or in any other format cannot be monetized via VG Wort. You are allowed to sell your eBooks remunerated via VG Wort, even if they were published freely on the internet, still additionally via Digistore24 or other platforms. In order to receive money through VG Wort for your eBooks, you must register them as part of a special distribution each year. The bottom line is that the VG Wort is not particularly well suited to make money with eBooks, because the special distribution per eBook is very low. Also the VG Wort is only accessible in Germany.

Die VG Wort ist dagegen sehr gut geeignet, um deinen Blog, das heißt einzelne Blogbeiträge zu monetarisieren. Wenn du dich gerade fragst, was die VG Wort eigentlich genau ist und wie man damit durch das Schreiben von Texten Geld verdient, solltest du mal diesen Artikel lesen.

How much revenue is possible with eBooks?

Make money selling eBooks is all well and good – but exactly how much revenue is possible? The revenue you can generate from selling eBooks depends on several factors, such as the genre of your eBook, the quality of your content, the selling price, your marketing, and, of course, audience demand. As a beginner, you should not expect to achieve a bestseller with your first eBook and suddenly become rich, but if you have done your “homework” before publication, analyzed the market and written about a topic in which there is great interest, then you can already make several hundred DOLLAR per month with an eBook.

Und das schöne ist, mit jedem weiteren veröffentlichen eBook lernst du dazu. Mit eBooks Geld verdienen bedeutet, du nach Veröffentlichung eines Buches nur noch wenig Arbeitszeit hineinstecken musst (von Marketing mal abgesehen), jedes eBook gibt monatlich mehr Geld. Ist ein eBook mal veröffentlicht, wirst du damit jedes Jahr Geld verdienen. Es ist eine Art passives Einkommen, besonders wenn du Aufgaben wie Marketing oder Überarbeitungen, an Andere delegierst.


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From my own experience with earning money with eBooks, you can expect about 100 Dollar per book and month as a beginner. With 10 published eBooks, $1000/month is already feasible with relatively little effort. More is always possible, but this is a guideline for an average performing book.

Which eBooks sell best?

If you want to make money with eBooks, you need to think in advance about what topics you want to write about. There are certain genres and topics that sell particularly well. Sure, you can make money online writing novels (it’s just extremely difficult if you’re not already an acclaimed author), but I would always recommend writing non-fiction in a niche you know your way around. Be it in the area of finance, mindset or technology. And even if you don’t know your way around this field or you just don’t feel like writing an eBook yourself, there’s always the option of hiring a ghostwriter to write it for you. This way you save time and leave the writing to a professional. However, this costs money.

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Can anyone write an eBook?

Yes, basically anyone can write eBooks and make money with eBooks. You don’t need any special training or qualifications to write an eBook. However, it is important that you have the appropriate knowledge or experience on your chosen topic, or alternatively, enough money to have an eBook written for you (e.g. by a ghostwriter from Fiverr). Great knowledge on marketing is also important to promote your book.


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How many pages does an eBook need to have?

There is no set number of pages that an eBook must have. The length can vary greatly depending on the topic and content. Some eBooks have only a few pages, while others have several hundred pages. The most important thing is that the content is informative, well-structured and readable. As a guideline for a non-fiction book, you can aim for about 50 pages.

book make money on the internet free

How long does eBook writing take?

The time you need to write an eBook depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the topic, your writing speed, and the available time you can invest. It can take weeks or even months to write a high-quality eBook. It is important to come up with an outline in advance, to keep at it continuously, and to set goals to move your writing forward.

Conclusion: Make money with eBooks

Making money online with eBooks is an exciting way to build a long-term passive income and earn money regardless of location. You share your knowledge and passion with others and generate additional income in the process. It takes time, effort and commitment to create and successfully sell a quality eBook. Choosing the right platform, understanding your target audience and effective marketing are critical to your success.

However, you don’t necessarily have to write eBooks yourself or do your own marketing. All this can be done by others, whom you pay accordingly. Qualified freelancers who are just waiting to write a TOP eBook for you can be found on the largest freelancer platform in the world: Fiverr*.


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