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Would you like to become a product tester and make some money? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to be a successful product tester.

To get paid to test products as a home-based product tester, you should first know that there are different types of product testers. A distinction is made, for example, between classic product testers, who test physical products for quality and functionality, and digital product testers, who test software or websites. Both types of tests will be discussed here. I’ll give you the best tips and tricks to get selected as a product tester and earn as much money as possible, I’ll list the best product tester platforms and you’ll learn how much money you can earn and which products are particularly suitable.

How to become a Product Tester?

The first step to becoming a product tester is, of course, to first sign up with a platform that is looking for product testers. There are many platforms on the Internet where you can apply to be a product tester. Some of the best known are, for example, Swagbucks* or Toluna. On these platforms you can register for free and then apply for product tests. You usually have to answer a few questions beforehand to prove your suitability as a tester.

What do you have to consider as a product tester?

If you are selected as a product tester on a platform, you usually have to follow detailed instructions describing how to test the product. It is important that you follow the instructions exactly to get satisfactory results for the client (or platform). Often you also have to fill out a questionnaire in which you give your opinion about the tested product. It is very important that you are honest and describe your opinion clearly and precisely.


Tips and Tricks to be Selected as a Product Tester

Since product testers need practically no prior technical knowledge and many want to get paid to test products on the side, the competition is often quite high. Therefore, here are 10 tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of being selected as a product tester for a product and earn more money.

  1. Complete your Profile: Make sure that your profile on the respective platform is completely filled out and that your interests and preferences are stored. This way, the platforms can better classify you and suggest suitable tests.
  2. Be Active: The more active you are on a platform, the higher the chance of actually being selected for tests. Take part in surveys, rate products and give your feedback.
  3. Be Flexible: Be prepared to apply for different types of testing and be flexible in choosing the products you want to test.
  4. Provide valid Feedback: If you are selected to test a product, provide valid feedback. This means that your opinion should be honest, objective and understandable.
  5. Apply to Multiple Platforms: Register with multiple platforms to increase your chances of being selected for product testing.
  6. Be Patient: Becoming a product tester requires patience. It may take a while before you are selected for a test and sometimes you will be rejected. But if you keep applying, the chance of success will definitely increase.
  7. Be Outgoing: Try to get in touch with other testers and exchange ideas with them. They can give you valuable tips and tell you which tests are worthwhile.
  8. Be Reliable: If you are selected for a test, always follow the instructions and deadlines provided. Give your feedback in a timely and reliable manner to make a good impression and increase your chances of being selected for future testing.
  9. Be Critical: Don’t be swayed by unrealistic promises. Be critical in choosing the platforms and product tests you participate in.

Are Product Tests a Legit way to Make Money?

If you are looking for opportunities to earn money on the side and via the Internet, you should always ask yourself in advance whether the site on which you want to register or the activity itself is serious or legal. The same is true if you want to get paid to test products as a product tester.

Basically, it can be said that it is legit to make money as a product tester as long as you approach reputable platforms and companies. There are many platforms and companies that are reputable and offer a real opportunity to earn money as a product tester. They usually offer acceptable pay (or at least pay out) and abide by the agreed terms.

However, on the other hand, there are also many dubious platforms and companies that promise that you can earn a lot of money as a product tester, but in the end they turn out to be scams. They either won’t pay or don’t pay out on time. There are also platforms that charge high fees to sign up as product testers. Therefore, it is important to always get detailed information about a platform beforehand and read reviews from other testers to make sure that it is a reputable platform.

Below is a listing of the best, reputable product tester platforms where you can sign up and get paid to test products on the side.


Which Platforms are the Best to Test Products on?

There are many platforms on the Internet where you can apply to be a product tester. Some of the most famous and popular are:

  • Swagbucks*: A great platform on which you can do product testing and surveys
  • Toluna: One of the largest platforms where you can apply for product tests and surveys
  • Clickworker: A platform where you can work as a product tester and also participate in surveys
  • Testbirds: A platform that specializes in software testing and where you can also work as a product tester
  • Try&Review: A platform that specializes in product testing and where you can also participate in surveys.
  • iPoll: A platform where you can apply for product tests and surveys
  • Beta Testing: A platform specialized in beta testing of new products, apps and websites.
  • BzzAgent: A platform specialized in the exchange of opinions and experiences of products
  • UserTesting: A platform where you can apply to be a website or app tester
  • Userlytics: Eine Plattform, bei der man sich als Tester für Websites und Apps bewerben kann
  • Trymata: Another platform where you can apply to be a tester for websites and apps

Which Products Can you Test?

Which products you can test as a product tester depends on the platform itself and the current offers. However, there are a variety of products to test, including:

  • Household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators
  • Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras
  • Cosmetics and care products such as perfumes, shampoos and creams
  • Food and beverages such as snacks, juices and beers
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Toys and games
  • Books and movies

There are also specialized platforms that focus on specific product categories. For example, there are platforms that specialize in testing baby stuff, others in beauty products, etc.

It is also possible to take part in special campaigns as a product tester, where you can test a new car or win a trip, for example. Overall, there are many opportunities to become a product tester and test a wide variety of products.

How much Money Can You Make as a Product Tester?

get paid to test products

The payment you receive as a product tester varies depending on the platform and product, sometimes you only get to keep the product and receive no other payment. Pay attention to this if you really want to make money as a product tester!


In general, however, working as a product tester is not exactly lucrative and you can only make a living from product tests alone in the very rarest of cases. Usually, you only get a few bucks or a voucher for a simple product test. Higher payments are in turn associated with more time-consuming tests. Overall, the average hourly wage as a product tester is estimated to be only a few dollars per hour.

So, all in all, it can be said that in 99.9% of cases you can’t make a living from product tests alone. It’s more of a way to earn some money on the side. However, if you regularly participate in product tests in your otherwise unused time, you can still make a few hundred dollars a month doing so.

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Advantages and Disadvantages as a Product Tester

The following is a list of advantages and disadvantages of working as a product tester.


Advantages as a Product Tester

  • It is an easy way to make money from home
  • No prior knowledge or qualifications necessary
  • Chance to test (and subsequently keep) products that you might not otherwise be able to afford
  • Opportunity to express opinions on products and thus help shape product development
  • Opportunity to discover new products and broaden one’s horizons

Disadvantages as a Product Tester

  • It’s usually not very lucrative and you can’t make a living from product testing alone
  • It is not a form of passive income, you have to actively do something yourself
  • One must follow precise instructions and the results must be valid
  • You often have to wait a long time for payment and payment is usually in the form of vouchers or bonuses
  • Time consuming and you have to be flexible and check the offers regularly
  • No guarantee to be selected for product testing

Product Testing and Taxes

Product tester taxes

Income as a product tester must also generally be taxed and declared in the tax return. Therefore, it is advisable to keep receipts and vouchers to prove the amount of money earned, if necessary.

The form in which the income must be taxed or where/if you must enter it in the tax return depends, among other things, on whether you are classified as self-employed or as an employed product tester.

On popular product tester platforms, you are usually classified as a so-called “freelancer”, which means that you are self-employed and not a permanent employee. However, there are also some platforms and companies that hire product testers as employees and offer them a permanent employment contract.

Therefore, it is important that you carefully read and understand the terms and rules of each platform you want to work for before signing up as a product tester to earn money.

Conclusion – Get Paid to test Products

In conclusion, testing products is an easy way to make money from home. However, you should make sure that you only register with reputable platforms and follow the rules of the respective platform. Also, you should be realistic about the pay – you very likely won’t make enough money doing this to live off product testing alone. As a flexible side income with $100 or more per month, however, product tests are well suited.


If you are still interested in becoming a product tester and get paid to test products, I recommend you to sign up on several platforms and regularly check the offered product tests. This way you can increase the chance of being selected for a product test and earn some money.

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Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy. These are my generally published opinions and experiences as a private investor. I assume no liability for your investment decisions. Also, I am not a tax advisor – to be on the safe side, you should always contact your tax advisor for tax issues.

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