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Financial Freedom and Why Motivational Sayings Are Helpful

Financial freedom is a goal that many people pursue. It means having enough money to be (financially) independent and be able to afford the life you want. But the road to financial freedom can be long and difficult. Therefore, motivational sayings can help you to keep the goal in mind and persevere. In this article I present some sayings that motivate on the way to financial freedom. What exactly financial freedom means and how you can achieve it, you can read in this article.

Motivational Sayings for Financial Freedom

Sayings to Save Money

Accumulating savings is an important step on the road to financial freedom. To do this, it is essential that you are aware of your income and, above all, your expenses. Only when you know what you spend how much money on each month can you take steps to stop unnecessary spending and save more money. It has proven very useful for me to use a budget book in which all income and expenses are entered. Since I don’t like cumbersome paper lists or Excel spreadsheets, I use the free budget book app “Money Manager”. How this app works and what it can do, I have described in detail in this tutorial.

Here are some motivational sayings to help you save money:

  • “Every penny counts.”
  • “Saving is a virtue.”
  • “Those who save today will have more tomorrow.”
  • “Save up rich.”

Sayings for Investment

Saving money is half the battle on the road to financial freedom. On the other hand, you should invest your saved money wisely. Otherwise, your savings will lose value due to inflation. Currently, there are again high interest rates on your money (4% on time deposit with one-year term). Therefore, you can transfer a portion of your savings to a call or time deposit account at relatively low risk (with deposit insurance).


At Weltsparen you will find a wide selection of overnight and fixed deposit accounts from reputable European banks. However, to achieve returns higher than current inflation, it is necessary to invest one’s money elsewhere -with greater risk. Buying a diversified, global ETF, for example, would be one option. You can buy shares and ETFs very cheaply at the online broker Trade Republic* and regularly buy shares and ETFs. There, each purchase/sale costs only €1. I have been using the broker myself for a few years and I am satisfied with it. To learn how to set up Trade Republic and use it optimally, read this article.

Well, as noted, investing is another important step towards financial freedom. So here are some sayings that will motivate you to invest, both in assets like stocks or ETFs and in yourself:

  • “Investing in knowledge pays the best interest.”
  • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
  • “Investing means shaping the future.”
  • “Money works for you when you invest it.”
  • “Investing is an art that can be learned.”

Sayings to be Debt Free

Now we go back 1 step again. Of course, if you’re serious about becoming financially independent in the long run, you’ll first need to pay off potential debt before you can invest the money you’ve saved. Repayment of debt should be the first priority. The only difference is if you have deliberately taken out a loan to invest this money, for example in assets such as real estate, from which you generate rental income that exceeds the interest on the loan. For most people, however, debt is consumer debt. And these can be a major obstacle on the road to financial freedom. Therefore, here are some motivational sayings that can help reduce debt:

  • “Debt makes you sick.”
  • “Those in debt are not free.”
  • “When you pay off debt, you buy freedom.”
  • “Live below your means to become debt free.”

Sayings about Financial Freedom

As explained at the beginning, Financial Independence means having enough money to be financially independent from others. You are no longer dependent on gainful employment and can focus on the things you really enjoy. Here are some motivational sayings that can help achieve financial freedom faster:

  • “Financial independence means you can do whatever you want.”
  • “Money gives you the freedom to make your own choices.”
  • “Financial independence is the key to freedom.”
  • “Financial independence is the greatest treasure in life.”
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Explanation and meaning of motivational sayings

The motivational sayings may seem banal at first glance. But on closer inspection, they contain important messages and insights. Here is an explanation and meaning of some sayings:

  • “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This saying encourages taking risks and seizing opportunities. There is no reward without risk. But it is important to weigh risks carefully and not take them lightly.
  • “Money gives you the freedom to make your own choices.” Financial freedom means that you are not forced to choose money, but that you have the freedom to make decisions according to your own preferences. Money gives us the opportunity to live the life we want without having to constantly worry about how to earn the money we need.
  • “Save up rich.” This saying emphasizes the importance of saving and shows that it pays to set aside even small amounts on a regular basis to achieve long-term financial security. Small amounts can add up to large sums over time, making a significant contribution to financial freedom.

How Motivational Sayings Contribute to Financial Freedom

Here are some tips on how to best use motivational sayings to serve as daily reminders and motivation:

  • Write down the sayings and hang them in places where you will see them every day, such as on the refrigerator or at work.
  • Adapt the sayings to your personal situation by relating them to yourself and your goals.
  • Connect the sayings to specific actions, such as committing to a certain savings rate each month and setting a corresponding motivational saying goal.

Conclusion Motivational Sayings for Financial Freedom

Motivational sayings can help us stay motivated and focused on the goal on the road to financial freedom. The sayings emphasize the importance of saving, investing, and staying out of debt, and encourage us to take advantage of opportunities and develop a positive attitude toward risk. If we use motivational sayings as daily reminders and connect them to concrete actions, they can help us achieve long-term financial security and live the life we want.

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