Make fast Money Online – 17 Legit ways that really work out.

Make fast money online

Introduction – Make Money Online

Hello and welcome to the blog post “Make fast money online”. In this article I want to show you how you can make money quickly and easily with the help of the Internet. But before we start, I want to share some important tips with you.

First of all, you should note that there are many dubious offers on the Internet that promise you quick money, but in the end only waste your money and time. That’s why it’s important to be cautious and do your research before committing to an offer.

Another important point is that making money quickly in most cases also involves a certain amount of risk. Therefore, you should think carefully whether you are willing to take this risk and how much money you want to invest at most.

Nevertheless, there are also many legit ways to make fast money online. In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of these options and explain how you can best use them. At the end, there are some tips and statements about tax issues with money earned online.


Ways to Make Fast Money Online

Below are 17 great ways to make fast money online, with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Online Surveys

Surely you’ve heard of online surveys before. Many companies use these to better understand customer behavior and improve their products and services. For you as a user, this means that you get paid for filling out surveys. However, earning money with online surveys is often very time-consuming and there are also many dubious providers on the market. Therefore, you should always carefully check which survey platforms are trustworthy.


  • Simple activity without special knowledge
  • Flexible working hours and free time management
  • Rewards in the form of vouchers, cash or bonuses


  • Limited earning potential
  • There are many dubious providers who do not pay adequate compensation

Writing Text for Websites and Blogs

Another way to make fast money online is writing texts for websites and blogs. Many companies are looking for quality content to fill their websites and blogs with interesting articles. If you love writing and have some expertise in a certain field, you can apply to be a copywriter or content writer and earn fast money online.



  • Possibility to use own skills and knowledge
  • Flexible working hours and free time management
  • Potentially higher earning potential compared to online surveys


  • Requires writing and research skills as well as an understanding of SEO optimization
  • It can be difficult to find a regular stream of orders

Virtual Assistant Jobs

As a virtual assistant, you can help businesses and self-employed individuals by taking on administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments or answering emails. You work online from home or on the road and all you need is a computer and a fast Internet connection.


  • Flexible working hours and free time management
  • Varied duties that can range from managing emails to social media management


  • Requires skills and knowledge in various areas such as customer service, organization, and marketing
  • Difficulty in finding regular orders and building customer relationships
Earn fast money online VA

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make quick money online. Here you promote products from other companies on your website or blog and receive a commission when a user buys the product through your affiliate link. This can be especially lucrative if you reach a large target audience.


  • Low time and investment compared to selling own products or services
  • Potentially high earning potential
  • Allows building passive income streams


  • Requires knowledge of marketing and sales and the ability to identify and effectively target audiences
  • Without large target group little earnings

Trading and Investments

Trading and investing require some preparation and knowledge, but can be very profitable. If you know your stuff and are willing to take risks, you can invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies, for example, and make money online quickly. A particularly cheap broker (only €1 transaction fees) where you can trade stocks as well as ETF and cryptocurrencies is Trade Republic. Here you can find a review of the popular Neobroker.


  • Potentially high earning potential from buying and selling stocks, cryptocurrencies or other assets
  • Possibility to profit from market movements and earn money passively


  • Depending on investment/trading high risk of losing money
  • High investments and risks of loss
  • Success often depends on the market situation and current trends, which are not always predictable
Earn money online trading

Online Games and Betting

Online games and betting, on the other hand, should be enjoyed with caution. Even though it is quite possible to win some money here and there, there is also a high risk of loss. If you still decide to do so, be sure to play responsibly and never bet more money than you can afford to lose.


  • Potentially high income opportunities if successful
  • Can be considered as a hobby
  • No special skills or knowledge required


  • High risks in the event of losses
  • Can quickly become addictive


If you have a knack for selling goods, you can open an online store and sell products through platforms like Amazon or eBay. Alternatively, you can create your own online store and promote it through social media or advertising. Dropshipping with your own store is especially suitable for beginners. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start dropshipping and earn money with it.



  • Potentially high income opportunities with successful sales strategy
  • Flexibility and freedom in the choice of products and target groups
  • Scalability and high growth potential


  • Requires a significant amount of work and time for product development, marketing and customer service
  • High competition in many markets
  • May incur high costs for storage, shipping and taxes

Paid Content Creation

If you like to shoot videos or take photos, you can share them on platforms like YouTube or Instagram and earn quick money online by getting paid for your content. You can also create promotional content for businesses and post it on your social media channels.


  • Potentially high income opportunities with good quality and reach of content
  • Creativity and freedom in content creation


  • Requires specific skills and knowledge in areas such as writing, photography, or video production
  • Competition in many niches
  • May take time and effort to build a following

Online Tutoring

If you have skills or knowledge in a particular area, you can offer online tutoring. There are many platforms that specialize in online tutoring, and you can also offer your services on social media or via email and make money online.


  • Potentially high income opportunities with good qualifications and experience
  • Flexibility and freedom in planning lessons
  • Satisfying work helping others


  • Requires special skills and knowledge in specific areas
  • Possible limitations on student availability, depending on time zone and target audience
  • High competition in certain areas

Online Seminars

You can also offer online seminars or webinars on a topic in which you are an expert. These can be paid or free and can be held via platforms such as Zoom or Skype.


  • Potentially high income opportunities with a good concept and reach of the seminar
  • Scalability and growth potential


  • Requires special skills and knowledge in specific areas as well as good presentation skills
  • Time-consuming preparation and implementation

Sale of Homemade Products

If you are a creative person and like to craft things, you can sell your products online. You can offer your items on platforms like Etsy or eBay Classifieds. Use these tips to sell successfully on eBay Classifieds.


  • Creativity and freedom in product development


  • Requires a significant amount of work and time for product development, marketing and customer service
  • Competition in many niches
  • Low scalability
  • Cost of materials, stock

Sell Photography

If you like taking pictures, you can sell your photos on platforms like Shutterstock or iStock. If your photos are popular, you can make fast money online.



  • Creative freedom in the choice of motifs
  • Possibility to turn your hobby into a profession


  • High competition in the stock photography market
  • Often requires expensive equipment and editing software
  • High time expenditure for the creation and editing of photos
  • Very difficult to make money with it


If you like to talk and inform about a certain topic, you can start a podcast. If you build a large listenership, you can make money online through advertising or sponsorship.


  • Creative freedom in the choice of topic and format
  • Passive income through advertising revenue and sponsorships


  • High effort for content production and marketing
  • Difficulties in building a loyal listenership

Virtual Coaching

If you have certain skills or knowledge that others want to learn, you can offer virtual coaching. There are many people who are willing to pay for 1:1 coaching in order to achieve their goals. You can also offer your services on platforms like or Udemy in the form of courses.


  • Flexibility in terms of time and place of work
  • High earning potential
  • Build passive income by selling courses


  • Competition
  • You need reach and/or outstanding qualifications to want someone to be coached by you

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a program that allows you to sell products on Amazon without having to worry about shipping and storage. All you have to do is select the products you want to sell and send them to Amazon. Amazon then takes care of order fulfillment and customer service. You earn money by the spread between the purchase price of the product and the selling price on Amazon.


  • Potentially high income opportunities
  • No own storage and shipping of goods required


  • Requires start-up capital for the purchase of goods and payment of fees
  • High competition on the Amazon marketplace
  • Risks in connection with product quality and customer ratings

Digital Art

If you’re a creative person, you can sell your digital art online. You could print T-shirts or posters with it and sell them on platforms like Etsy or eBay.

With the growing popularity of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), you can even sell your digital artwork as unique, distinctive NFTs. NFTs are digital certificates that confirm the ownership and authenticity of your artwork on the blockchain. You can sell them on platforms like OpenSea. Note, however, that NFTs are still a relatively new phenomenon and carry a high degree of risk.


  • Creative freedom in the choice of motives and style
  • Potentially high income opportunities
  • With reach relatively easy to make quick money online with it
  • Low cost


  • Competition in the digital art market
  • High time expenditure for the creation of artworks
  • NFT market extremely volatile (what finds a buyer for $10,000 today may be worthless tomorrow)
Earn money online NFTs

Online Translation

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you can also work as an online translator. Many companies require translations for their websites, marketing materials or emails. You can offer your services on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr* and work there as a freelancer. You can find the best Freelancer Platforms to earn money online here.


  • Flexibility in terms of time and place of work
  • Certain language pairs are in high demand
  • Is very suitable for beginners


  • High competition especially for frequent language pairs
  • Requires a sound knowledge of one or more foreign languages
  • Difficulties in building a loyal customer base

Tips for Making fast Money online

Here are a few tips you should take to heart if you want to make fast money online.

  1. Set clear goals: Before you start any money-making method, set clear goals and set a realistic income target for a specific period of time.
  2. Use different platforms: Sell your services and products on different platforms to increase your reach and optimize your income opportunities. Good platforms for selling products include eBay, eBay Classifieds, and Shpock. Freelancer platforms such as Fiverr* or Upwork are suitable for providing services. Here you can find an overview of the best freelancer platforms.
  3. Specialize in a niche: Focus on a niche in which you have particularly good skills or experience to differentiate yourself from the competition and generate higher demand.
  4. Offer added value: Offer added value to your customers by providing unique services and products or having a special expertise that your customers value.
  5. Be flexible: Be flexible and adapt your services and products to the needs of your customers in order to respond to changes in the market and demand.
  6. Use SEO techniques: Optimize your online presence with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to rank higher in search engine results and generate more traffic.
  7. Focus on long-term growth: Don’t just focus on short-term profits, but work on long-term growth through continuous improvements and adjustments to your services and products.
  8. Networking: Establish contacts in your industry and network with other experts to benefit from their know-how and experience and to tap into new opportunities.
  9. Be willing to invest: Invest in your skills, knowledge and tools to maximize your income potential and achieve long-term growth.
  10. Learn from mistakes: Accept mistakes and defeats as part of the process and use them as opportunities to learn from them and improve.

Taxes and Duties on Money Earned Online

As soon as you start earning money online, you will also have to deal with the issue of taxes and duties. In Germany, the same tax regulations apply to all income earned from online work as to other income.


There are differences in taxation depending on whether you earn your online income as an employee or as a self-employed person.

When working online as an employee, the tax situation is comparable to that of traditional employment. As a rule, the employer automatically deducts wage tax, solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, church tax and reports the social security contributions to the responsible offices. In this case, as an employee, you generally do not need to worry about tax processing.

If, on the other hand, you work online as a self-employed person, you are responsible for your own tax and duty matters. If this applies to you and you earn money online, you should definitely inform yourself about the applicable regulations and, if necessary, seek professional assistance.

Make money online Taxes

Conclusion: Make fast Money online

In summary, there are good opportunities for everyone to make quick money online. However, you should consider in advance exactly which method is best for you and inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages. Careful planning and implementation of your activities can help you earn money faster and more effectively.

However, remember that there are also risks and challenges that come with working online. It is important to keep an eye on these and take countermeasures if necessary. In addition to the practical tips on making money online, you should also look into the tax aspects and seek professional help if necessary.


Ultimately, success in making fast money online also depends heavily on your individual skills and interests. However, if you’re willing to invest time and energy and deal with the challenges, you can definitely be successful while also benefiting from the many advantages of working from home or completely remotely. So don’t hesitate and give it a try!

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